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Apparent resistivity measuring system BIKS


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Main features:
  • Capacitive coupling type
  • Easy to operate
  • Possible to use either capacitive dipole lines or direct contact lines

Resistivity system BIKS is designed for rapid electrical profiling and sounding (VES) using capacitive dipole lines. The system also provides the possibility to use direct contact lines.

The equipment is designed to work with the axial array, where transmitting and receiving lines have equal length.

BIKS helps to solve a wide range of geophysical tasks, including detailed engineering and environmental problems on depths of investigation of several tens of meters.

The set includes:
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Control panel
  • Capacitive lines
  • Charging unit

Operating frequency 16.6±0.2 kHz
Output current 1; 3; 10 mA
Stabilization accuracy of the output current ±5 %
Limit values of the loads:
at output current 1-3 mA > 96 kOhm
at output current 10 mA > 48 kOhm
Internal power supply source 14.8 V
Operating temperature range -40 ... +70 °С
Dimensions 330 х 200 х 120 mm
Weight ~ 2.3 kg
Operating frequency 16.6±0.2 kHz
Bandwidth Max 20 Hz
Maximum input supply <2 V
Inherent noise level <0.8 µV
Internal power supply source:;7.4 V
Operating temperature range -40 ... +70 °С
Dimensions 330 х 200 х 120 mm
Weight ~ 1.8 kg
Control panel
Operating frequency 433 MHz
Memory > 1600 readings
Internal power supply source 3.7 V
Operating temperature range -40 ... +70 °С
Dimensions 135 х 76 х 32 mm
Weight ~ 0.25 kg