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Geoelectrical multifunction receiver MEDUSA



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Main features:
  • Direct current methods
  • Induced polarization
  • Frequency sounding
  • Stray currents
  • Self potentials

The geoelectrical receiver SGD-EEM MEDUSA is designed to measure values of the electric potential and current for slowly varying signals, as well as to measure the amplitude and phase characteristics of the harmonic components of the periodic signal. It can also be used with external switching device (switchbox) for tomographic surveys.

Application area — geophysical exploration using:
  • Direct current methods
  • Induced polarization
  • Frequency sounding
  • Stray currents
  • Self potentials

There are 2 variants of delivery sets — standard and advanced. The difference is that advanced set includesbunloading with battery and the charger for battery.

Number of channels (MN and AB) 2
Operating frequencies 0, 0.019, 0.038, 0.076, 0.152, 0.305, 0.61, 1.22, 2.44, 4.88, 9.76, 19.5, 39.0, 78.1, 156.25, 312.5 и 625.0 Hz
Inherent noise level of MN channel (Ku=8, FΔ=0,1…10Hz) <1 µV
Input voltage range of MN channel ±10 V
Gain coefficient 1 and 8
Input impedance > 60 MOhm
Accuracy <1 %
ADC 23 bit + character
Maximum readings stored in memory 131072
Inbuilt clock and calendar yes
Connection to PC interface USB
External power supply source 10.5…30 V
Maximum power consumption 5(8) W
Protection of electrical equipment IP66
Operating temperature -40…+70°С
Dimensions 210x110x70 mm
Weight of receiver <1.2 kg
Weight of advanced set <4.3 kg
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Программа для чтения записей измерителя MEDUSA.rar 196.18 kb 21 October 2016, 12:30
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