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Overhauser gradiometer GradiMag

Main features:
  • Based on Overhauser effect
  • High resolution
  • Stable in time readings
  • Can be used with GPS
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GradiMag magnetometer is no longer in production!

Thus, please direct your attention towards its successor product - MaxiMag gradiometer!

GradiMag — is a modern, high precision two-channel Overhauser total-field magnetometer / gradiometer. Its innovative design allows to deploy the system as a rover magnetometer, walking gradiometer or base station. As being equipped with an external GLONASS/GPS receiver, Gradiometer is perfect for archaeology surveys and geotechnical studies when target objects are located close to the surface with significant total field gradient values. Moreover, for gradient survey data analysis there is no need to remove the effects of daily magnetic drifts (diurnals). Thus, the using of base station data may not be necessary.

Due to the outstanding sensor stability GradiMag provides extremely high resolution. Beeper signalization makes the system very convenient for the purposes of utility detection in real-time. Each particular GradiMag has its own Certificate issued by authorized organization based on the testing in the certified magnetic induction measure.

Operating range (each channel)

20 000 - 100 000 nT

Absolute accuracy

≤2 nT

Supply power

13±2 V

Power consumption (with sample rate 1 measurepent per 10 sec)

≤1.0 W (1 channel)/ ≤2.0 W (2 channels)

Operating temperature

-10 ÷ +50 °С


≤4.5 kg (1 channel)/ ≤6 kg (2 channels)

RMS error

≤0.03 (in 30 000 – 100 000 nT range)/≤0.09 (in 20 000 – 30 000 nT range)

Inbuilt clock error

≤1.0 s/day


1.0 Mb