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RadExPro Marine



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Main features:
  • Advanced HR/UHR Marine data processing        
  • Real-time data quality control
  • 2D/3D state-of-art processing algorithms
  • Applicable for any type of source – sparkers, boomers, airguns

Rapid development and implementation of marine high resolution acquisition techniques resulted in increased requirements in data processing. Inadequate or weak processing flows often result in loosing potential advantages of HR/UHR surveys.

RadExPro is a seismic processing software, which is fully capable for advanced processing of high resolution and ultra-high resolution marine seismic data. It has a full set of state-of-art algorithms from on board Real Time QC to 3D regularization and pre-stack migrations.  

RadExPro provides industry standard solution for on board data quality control, including Real-Time QC. The use of Real Time QC while acquiring data results in early detection of various problems, which may appear during the survey, such as misfires, electrical leakage, auto fires, bad shots, synchronization and any other out-of-spec issues. It became a standard software solution for a number of companies, involved in marine seismic acquisition.

RadExPro has a complete set of algorithms for shallow marine seismic data processing and VSP, including modern denoising algorithms, static corrections, de-signature techniques (debubbling, adaptive deghosting, signal shaping), multiple removal (SRME), adaptive subtraction, 3D regularization, pre-stack migrations (PSTKM). Many routines are specially developed and adapted to high resolution data processing, which can hardly be found even in larger processing software’s for much higher price. RadExPro is definitely one of the most flexible and powerful software on the market for its cost.

RadExPro Seismic Software is also well suited for processing of shallow seismic engineering surveys, – reflection, refraction, MASW and VSP, as well as large-scale data QC, real-time data QC and fast-track processing. Full description of available routines can be found on the following page.

Geodevice provides processing of high-resolution marine seismic surveys, trainings and consultancy services.

Results of Marine High–Resolution Seismic Data Processing in RadExPro:

Ultra–high resolution data, acquired with  SWS-600 source and MultiJack-5000HP4.5 energy source, Kara Sea.
Courtesy of MAGE
Ultra–high resolution data, acquired with SWS-600 source and MultiJack-5000HP4.5 energy source, Kara Sea

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