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Wireless synchronization system (WSS-1)


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Main features:
  • Maximum operating distance — 250 m
  • Compatible with ELLISS-3 seismograph

Wireless synchronization system (WSS-1) is designed to work with modern seismographs. WSS-1 externally launches the seismograph at the same time as seismic vibrations source discharged. The launch moment of the source is transmitted via 868 Hz radio channel (this frequency does not require permission of The General Radio Frequency Centre of Russia). Seismograph start-up delay is constant and is equal to 100 μs, what is an outstanding characteristic from similar products. Guaranteed operating distance of WSS-1 is 250 m in the area-of-sight. It is possible to significantly improve the performance of geophysical investigations if using WSS-1 synchronizer, due to absence of synchronization line. WSS-1 consists of transmission and receiving units.

Frequency 868 MHz
Constant synchronization time delay 100 μs
Guaranteed operating distance 250 m
Maximum transmitter power 10 mW
Power supply of transmission unit (built-in battery) 3,7 V
Power supply of receiving unit 12 V
Power consumption of transmission unit not more than 0.2 W
Power consumption of receiving unit not more than 0.15 W
Runtime of transmission unit 40 h
Transmission unit weight not more than 0.3 kg
Receiving unit weight not more than 0.2 kg
Transmission unit dimensions (without antenna) 115х65х40 mm
Receiving unit dimensions (without antenna) 115х65х40 mm