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Electrical tomography set MEDUSA-SKAT+switchbox CommDD2

Main features:
  • Wide frequency range
  • Output current of the transmitter unit — up to1 A
  • Maximum output power – 200 Watts
  • Two-channel recorder
  • Grounding resistance control
  • Automatic switching of electrodes
  • Any types of measurement arrays
  • Wide range of operation temperatures (-40...+50⁰С)
48 channel standard set
48 channel standard set 64 channel standard set 48 channel advanced set 64 channel advanced set On request
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Geoelectrical equipment set that consists of the recorder SGD-EEM MEDUSA and transmitter SGD-EGC SKAT IV and switchbox CommDD2 is intended for geophysical studies with the variety of techniques such as:

  • Direct current methods
  • Electrical resistivity tomography
  • Induced polarization
  • Frequency sounding
  • Self potentials

Recorder SGD-EEM MEDUSA is designed to measure values of the electric potential and current for slowly varying signals, as well as to measure the amplitude and phase characteristics of the harmonic components of the periodic signal.

The recorder is equipped with a precise built-in clock generator.

Current transmitter SGD-EGC SKAT IV is designed to produce electromagnetic bipolar rectangular pulses (with adjustable duty cycle) in the frequency band 0.019 - 625 Hz (1–1000 mA current range).

The switchbox  CommDD2 as being a part of the equpment set, makes possible the fulfillment of high-resolution ERT studies. It allows to commutate the receiving and transmitting lines without any limitations. There are 2 possible ways to switch electrodes on the lines — manually or automatically using the predefined protocol of any measurement array. The switchbox allows the use of any signal accumulation protocol available for linear or areal measurements in electrical resistivity tomography.

Zond Software is a ready solution can be applied at all stages of geophysical studies from mathematical modelling and making of measurements protocols to 3D data inversion. ZondProtocol allows one to create protocols of any complexity, combining any types of ERT electrodes array. Depending on the average resistivity of the rocks and the minimum response level, the software select optimal parameters of electrodes array. 

ZondRes2D and ZondRes3D represent ready solution for resistivity and IP imaging, and solves wide range of problems from mathematical modeling and sensitivity analysis to quality control, field data processing and 2D and 3D inversion. Convenient interface and variety of data visualization features allow to solve wide range of geological problems with maximum effectiveness.

Area of application:
  • Geophysical prospecting
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Archaeology
Delivery set:

The delivery set can be modified by special request.

SCAT III transmitter:

Maximum output power

200 W

Maximum output voltage

±1 500 V

Maximum output current

up to 1 A

Operating temperature

-40 ÷ +50 °С

MEDUSA receiver:

Input impedance

> 60 MOhm

Input voltage range

± 10 V


better than 1 %

Operating temperature

-40 ÷ +70 °С


210 x 110 x 70 mm

Weight (without batt.)

< 1.2 kg

CommDD2 switchbox:

Current in AB line

up to 2 A

Maximum input voltage

400 V

Operating temperatures

-20 ÷ +50 °С

CNumber of switching electrodes

48/64 (up to 256 on request)

Connection to PC interface

USB 2.0

Protection of electrical equipment


Overall dimensions

200x170x75 mm

Weight of set

1.5 kg