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RESECS DC-Resistivity and Electrode Control System

Main features:
  • Software controlled electrode switching
  • Continuous monitoring application
  • 8 potential channels
  • Integrated PC
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RESECS is an electrical survey instrument designed for high-resolution tomography and monitoring.

Up to 960 electrodes can be connected to the device using one seven-wire cable. Any pair of electrodes can be selected as a transmitting, and up to 8 other pairs can be selected as potential pairs for simultaneous measurement.

The software permits to switch quickly between pairs of electrodes, which ensures high speed measurements (up to several hundres thousand measurements per hour).

RESECS automatically selects all programmed array configurations. The system optimizes input current and gain, corrects for natural field values, and displays a real-time pseudosection and plot of current and voltage over time.

The system is well suited for long-term monitoring.


1 - 8 potential channels

measured potential ±10 V

1 transmitting channel

maximum measured current 2.5 A


1, 10, 100, 1000

Sample rate

500 sampes/sec for each channel

Pulse duration

0.3 - 8 sec

Input impedance

100 MΩ

Hard disk

64 GB

Display stacking

Automatic or manual


12.1'' TFT




Windows 7 Professional

Displayed data

U, I, Rho, SP, M, Phase, Standard Deviation (potential electrodes, pseudo section, pseudo area, display curves)

Inner memory

> 100 000 counts

Operating temperature range

0 ÷ +40 ˚С

Power supply

12 VDC