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Seismograph TELSS-VSP for borehole surveying

Main features:
  • Telemetry system
  • ADC 32 bits
  • High-quality anchoring arm
  • Anchoring arm stops automatically when force rating is reached
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TELSS-VSP telemetry borehole seismic acquisition system is designed for VSP, polarization VSP, uphole and crosshole surveying.

The mobility of the system allows to use it in boreholes as deep as 100 meters (and even more).

The presence of a 3-component sensor and an anchoring arm allows to register full wavefield, including primary, secondary and other waves.

Common receiver gather, acquired by SHock borehole seismic source and TELSS-VSP 3C seismic probe, located in the nearby well.
Two gathers are shown on the top, P and S waves spectra are shown on the bottom. Source operation was provided by Jack energy source

Number of registered components


Geophones orientation


Hold-down force

80 kg

Openings/closing time of anchoring arm

25 s

Min well diameter

80 mm

Max well diameter

140 mm


32 bits

Instantaneous dynamic range

130 dB


0, 12, 24, 36 dB

Sampling period

0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 ms

Power supply

12 V


8 kg


905 mm


62 mm