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Data processing softaware EMP


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The EMP software is designed for fast processing and quality control of electromagnetic sounding data of variouse methods. The main purpose of the software is the transformation of the raw time series of multichannel recorders into the frequency spectra of the transfer functions of the geoelectric csross-section.

EMP is focused on processing the following methods:
  • Magnetotellurics (MT)
  • Audiomagnetotellurics (AMT)
  • Controlled-source audiomagnetotellurics (CSAMT)
  • Radiomagnetotellurics (RMT)
  • Controlled-source radiomagnetotellurics (CSRMT)

The processing of MT and AMT sounding data is performed in the "singe station" variant.

The EMP software implements a multi-level data quality assessment system that takes into account the statistical parameters of the initial time series, the result of robust weighing of each windows in the process of estimating the transfer functions of the geoelectric section and the characteristics of the transfer functions themselves.

The EMP software allows to process data obtained using following receivers:
  • ADU-07ADU-08 and TXB-07 by Metronix (*.ats file format)
  • V8, MTU, MTU-A, RXU by Phoenix (*.tsh, *.tsl, *ts2, *.ts3, *ts4, *ts5 file formats)
  • ARMT-5 by Geodevice (*.sbf file format)
  • RMT-F or SM25 recorder by St.Petersburg Stet University and Microkor (*.sbf file)
  • AKF-4M or SM27 recorder by St.Petersburg Stet University and Microkor (*.sbf file)
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Video  Min Discussed method Date
Correction of serial numbers of sensors and lengths of electrical lines 1:45 AMT+CSAMT+RMT+CSRMT  24.06.2019
Spectra export 1:47 AMT+CSAMT+RMT+CSRMT 
Different processors 1:26 AMT+CSAMT+RMT+CSRMT 
Time series export 1:08 AMT+CSAMT+RMT+CSRMT 
Manually coordinates setting 1:26 AMT+CSAMT+RMT+CSRMT