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Joint Inversion and Hyperbolic Median Filtering for Simultaneous Source Data Separation

A. Tarasov* (Saint Petersburg University), A. Shuvalov (Saint Petersburg University), V. Ignatev (Geodevice LLC), A. Oshkin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Neogen LLC), A. Konkov (Geodevice LLC, Saint Petersburg University), B. Kashtan (Saint Petersburg University)

The simultaneous source technique allows one to improve efficiency and quality of seismic acquisition by using several independent sources that overlap with small time delay. The main problem in working with simultaneous source is deblending. Different methods of separating simultaneous source data use features of a complex wave filed. Our approach offers an iterative scheme with inversion that allows using information about time delays between sources activation and hyperbolic median filtering, that is using kinematic properties of reflected waves. The operation of this algorithm is demonstrated for the simultaneous long offset technique. Synthetic data examples demonstrate capabilities of the proposed approach.

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