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Deck winch SDW for towed HV power cable

Main features:
  • IP-66 protection
  • High-voltage slip ring
  • Integrated patch panel
  • Stainless steel frame and drum
  • Manual or electric drive
Electrical deck winch
Electrical deck winch Hand-operated deck reel
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SDW deck winches for high-voltage cable line of a source (sparker or boomer) are designed for temporary or stationary setup on seismic acquisition vessels in order to provide hoisting operations and towing seismic sources during geophysical surveys.

The winch is equipped with a high-voltage slip ring and water-resistant patch panel for connecting a deck cable. Depending on the model, a drum’s rotation can be provided manually or by means of an electric drive via a worm gearbox and chain transmission with the possibility of a smooth variation in rotational speed. The design of electric drive allows one to statically stop the drum in any position. The winch electrical equipment is housed in a special case with IP-66 environmental protection.

Geodevice team is ready for cooperation and developing customized equipment for special customer’s needs and ideas. 

Electrical deck winch   Hand-operated deck reel 
Materials stainless steel and polymer
stainless steel and polymer
Drum pitch diameter 800 mm 600 mm
Drum outer diameter 1 200 mm 940 mm
Drum width 450 mm 400 mm
Drum capacity 100 m (50% filling by cable ø 33 mm) 50 m (50% filling by cable ø 35 mm)
Drive electric gear motor hand-operated
Motor power 1 100 W
Power mains 220 V, AC 50-60 Hz
Weight without cable 250 kg (without cable)
400 kg (100m, ø 33 mm)
100 kg (without cable)
250 kg (100 m, ø 33 mm)
Dimensions 1200×1270×1125 mm 1200×1270×900 mm
Protection IP-67 IP-67