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Single channel setup

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Single channel HR/UHR marine seismic surveys are widely used for offshore engineering applications, such as bedrock mapping, geohazard assessments, cable routes detections and various geological studies.

Single channel setup is a simple and cost-effective solution, which can be operated from a small boat and easily deployed by 2 persons. Typical source used in the setup is SWS-500 sparker, which is powerful enough to achieve up to 500 m penetration depth. Coupled with the MultiJack-5000 energy source, it provides a high density shooting rate (up to 2 shots/sec) to achieve exceptional spatial resolution of the image.

SWS-500 generates stable high-frequency signal up to 4 kHz, allowing to detect small-scale features less than 1 m in size. Negative discharge technology prevents tips wearing, reduces maintenance work and allows significantly speed up acquisition process.

Array includes following equipment:

GEODEVICE has developed a unique single-channel streamer design, which can be used for a wide range of water depths. The key feature is 4 mounted hydrophone groups of various lengths, registering signal independently. At the processing stage wave fields from each group can be processed separately or selectively stacked. Single hydrophone, which is typically placed at the front, allows to receive signal without a strong directivity pattern and can be used for various QC purposes. This makes single-channel ultra-high resolution setup extremely flexible in its application.