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Hydrophone array WellStreamer

Main features:
  • Specifically designed for HR borehole surveys
  • Fast and simple infield operations
  • High sensitive piezoceramic sensors
  • Small diameter and light weight
  • Compatible with any seismograph
1 channel with 100 m cable
1 channel with 100 m cable 12 channels with 100 m cable 24 channels with 100 m cable
Price: on request
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WellStreamer is a borehole hydrophone array, specially developed for seismic acquisitions in the water-filled wells. We designed exceptionally easy to use and robust receiver array with high sensitive piezoceramic sensors for registering compressional (P) waves during VSP and cross hole surveys.

WellStreamer can be supplied in various configurations, starting from single channel and up to 48 units with typical separation of 1 m or 2 m.

Mounted on a reel with a slip ring, which can be ordered with the streamer, it provides easy to operate data acquisition solution without spending time on unplugging equipment during cable operations.



Frequency range

1 - 10 000 Hz

Capacity of piezoelectric element

4 000 pF

Maximum pressure

60 at

Breaking pressure

100 at

Supply voltage

12-16 V

Current consumption per channel

10±1 mA

Output impedance of the preamplifier

395 Ohm

Maximum value of the output signal

±3.8 V

Operating temperature range

-10 ÷ +70 °С

Storage temperature range

-40 ÷ +70 °С

Diameter of the hydrophone module

42 mm

Length of the hydrophone module

200 mm

Weight of the hydrophone module

300 g

Interval between hydrophones

on request, but ≥ 0.25 m

Braiding of a cable


Longitudinal cable sealing


Screening of cable and hydrophone module


Cable reinforcement


Operating load

200 kg

Breaking force

400 kg

Cable diameter

13 mm

Minimum cable coiling radius

120 mm

Minimum coiling radius of the active section

220 mm

Cable Weight

168 g/m

The weight of a streamer length of 130 m with a reel

38 kg

Dimensions with reel

500×600×400 mm

Maximum cable system length

700 m

End Connector

by agreement

End load

the lower end of the cable system is equipped with a weight-bearing loop;
load can be supplied as agreed