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Towed LandStreamer for MASW, reflection or refraction surveys

Main features:
  • Suitable for MASW, reflection or refraction surveys
  • Adjustable sensors spacing
  • Most compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with any seismograph
  • Custom configurations available
Price : on request
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Towed LandStreamer is a receiver array, specifically designed for land seismic surveys. Towed techniques for land shallow seismic acquisitions significantly increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the survey. Such methods as reflection, MASW, refraction would highly benefit from using towed streamer, comparing to the streamer with geophones, planted in the ground.

Although, highest data quality can be achieved by dragging the streamer on solid terrains, such as roads or runways, it can also be used in the more complex conditions, such as sandy dirt roads.

The design of the streamer is exceptionally robust and easy-to-use. Steel plate with additional legs ensures the required coupling for ground motion registration. Any type of geophones can be used with the LandStreamer – vertical, horizontal, horizontal compensated, multicomponent (3C).

LandStreamer is compatible with any multi-channel seismograph and can be manufactured with the required number of receivers and the step between them. An important feature of the design is the ability to quickly disconnect the seismic receivers from the platform.

Number of sensors 12 ÷ 96
Interval between sensors 1 ÷ 5 m, longer intervals can be specified
Sensors type vertical, horizontal, horizontal compensated, multicomponent (3C)