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Electrodynamic source G-Boomer

Main features:
  • UHR seismic source
  • Vertical resolution up to 10 cm
  • Applicable for fresh water and marine environments
  • Stable and repeatable broadband signature
  • Easy infield operations
G-Boomer 2G-Boomer 4G-Boomer
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G-Boomer with MultiJack energy source is an ultra-high resolution marine acquisition setup, which is typically used for detailed stratigraphic studies and geological mapping in relatively shallow depths.

G-Boomer is an easy-to-operate marine seismic source with stable broadband wavelet shape up to 5 kHz, providing vertical resolution up to 10 cm. It is applicable for operations in both fresh and salt waters. To provide deeper penetration several boomer plates can be combined on single frame. 2G and 4G boomers with 2 and 4 plates correspondingly are available for purchase for the deeper subsurface imaging with highest possible vertical resolution.

Geodevice team is ready for cooperation and developing customized equipment for special customer’s needs and ideas. We have an experience of manufacturing modified version of G-Boomer source with significantly increased central frequency (up to 4 kHz) by the client’s request.

Full acquisition setup includes towed HV power coaxial cable, MultiJack energy sourcetowed hydrophone array HRStreamer and seismograph. Additionally, deck winches for HV cable and streamer with slip ring can be purchased to provide fast and safe deployment and recovery of UHR marine equipment during field operations.

Please, contact us for generating the most suitable high resolution marine acquisition setup for your purposes. We will consider all the requirements and provide you with the best solution to achieve high quality image, starting from acquisition up to final data delivery.

We provide trainings, technical support and consultancy services, as well as processing of high-resolution marine seismic surveys.   

Data examples:
Lake Ladoga, G-Boomer HF source, MultiJack-500HP1.5 energy source:
Lake Ladoga, G-Boomer HF source, MultiJack-500HP1.5 energy source




G-Boomer HF






Maximum pulse energy

300 J

600 J

1 200 J

300 J

Recommended pulse energy

50 ÷ 250 J

100 ÷ 500 J

200 ÷ 1 000 J

50 ÷ 250 J

Maximum input power

600 J/s

1 200 J/s

2 400 J/s

600 J/s

Sound pressure level relative to1 μPa at a distance of 1 m

215 dB at 250 J

220 dB at 500 J

225 dB at 1000 J

215 dB at 250 J

Pulse spatial length*

0.75 ÷ 1.5 ms

0.2 ÷ 0.4 ms

Frequency range*

100 ÷ 6 000 Hz

100 ÷ 10 000 Hz

Recommended MultiJack





Recommended coaxial HV cable





Plate size

380×380x100 mm

Weight in air

15 kg


stainless steel

*depends on shot energy