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BGW winch for borehole seismic survey

Main features:
  • Electric drive
  • Built-in sliding contacts
  • Manual winch roller
  • Integrated counterweight
  • Manual winding option
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BGW is specifically designed for seismic acquisitions in relatively deep wells, when cable and borehole equipment weight do not allow to perform convenient and safe operations.

Even with a borehole depth of 100 m, a standard coaxial wire line of a 10 mm2 cross section will weigh several tens of kilograms. At depths of several hundred meters, the use of a power cable with a large cross section of the core is required to balance the energy loss at the ohmic resistance - work with such a line is possible only with the use of BGW winch.

Depending on the acquisition type, BGW can be equipped with high-voltage or low-voltage multicore sliding contacts to ensure the operation of the Pulse downhole sparker or WellStreamer and GStreamer downhole recording systems. A powerful electric gear motor allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the winch drum and fix the equipment at the desired depth. In case of a power cutoff, manual winch operations can be performed. Additional convenience of work is provided by a universal manual winch roller and an integrated counterweigh with a wide range of adjustments for various wellheads.

BGW dimensions and the detachable counterweight with the winch roller make its transportation easy and allow you to perform field operations with a stationary winch in the back of a pickup truck, trailer or minibus.


stainless steel and polymer

Drum pitch diameter

500 mm

Drum outer diameter

1000 mm

Drum width

400 mm

Drum capacity

500 m (80% filling by cable ø 18 mm)


electric gear motor (main) and hand-operated (standby)

Motor power

1500 W

Power mains

220 V, AC 50-60 Hz

Weight without cable

200 kg


1000×1000×800 mm