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SUMMIT M Vipa Vibration & Seismic Monitoring System

Main features:
  • Easy to use, lightweight, ruggedised
  • Most accurate time base for continuous / event based recording through GPS timing
  • 4 GB internal memory, unlimited external storage via USB port
  • Colour graphic display
  • Internal modem and ethernet for easy remote access and network setup
  • International standards implemented
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SUMMIT M Vipa is a three-channel seismic station designed for vibration monitoring with an additional channel for noise monitoring. The station has built-in lithium-ion battery, making SUMMIT M Vipa an excellent solution for autonomous mobile measurements. The presence of remote control with automatic data transmission allows to connect several stations via Ethernet or using a radio channel to create a vibration monitoring network. High-resolution 24-bit ADC provides high dynamic range and ultra-sensitive vibration monitoring for both continuous and triggered recording.

DMT-3D/DIN is a seismometer used with SUMMIT M Vipa system for vibration and microseismic monitoring. The sensor is equipped with three geophones with a frequency range from 1 to 315 Hz. Due to its weight, for most applications, the device does not require additional mounting, but if necessary, it can be fixed above the central mounting hole with a bolt. For ease of setup and installation, the seismometer has a built-in level.

Available Extension / Accessories:
  • Seismology extension - increased sensitivity and dynamic range of > 122 dB, additional sample rates: 125 Hz 250 Hz, 500 Hz, optional SeedLink server
  • Printer - external serial protocol printer
  • Alarm switch - external relays for switching external alarm devices, can operate via digital I/O interface of VIPA or remotely via mobile network
  • Intelligent sensor supply - external sensor supply for connecting third party ICP-type sensors

Technical Specifications


3 channels (X-, Y-, Z- vibration)
1 aux-channel (acoustic)

Sample Interval

1 kHz, 2 kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz

Frequency range

DC - 5 kHz

Recording mode

Continuous or event based

Trigger mode

Amplitude threshold for each channel, trigger also on KB and vector sum

Record length

1 sec to 60 sec per file

Pre-trigger length

0 sec to record length-1

Output sample resolution

32 bit

Signal input range

± 5 V (10 Vpp) differential input

( optional ± 20 V on request)

Measurement range

Up to 175 mm/s with standard sensor DMT-3D/DIN, larger ranges on request

Time synchronisation

Internal GPS module (ext. Antenna), absolute time accuracy : < 10 µs

Data storage

Internal 4GB (larger on request) or external USB-mass-storage device

Instantaneous dynamic range

≥ 113 dB @ 1000 Hz sample rate

Crosstalk rejection

≥ 110 dB (between all channels)

Total harmonic distortion

≤ -100 dB

Common mode rejection

≥ 105 dB

Data communication

100base-TX Ethernet,
internal LTE/EDGE/GSM modem

Internal battery

typical life time >40 hours

External power supply

9-18 V DC (optional 9-36 V) max 15 W during battery charge


Colour graphical LCD

with 320 x 240 resolution


30 x 25 x 12 cm


3.6 kg

Environmental specifications

Operation temperature

-20°C to + 70°C

Humidity range

0 – 95 %

Protection class

IP 67


Solid waterproof housing deployable in any surface environment



External storage on memory stick or hard disk drive


Router, switches, PC

Mobile Antenna

External mobile GSM antenna

GPS Antenna

External GPS antenna for precise time stamp

Vibration sensor

-External geophone vibration sensor

-3D sensor or splitted sensors, borehole sensors

-12 V DC power supply provided for active sensors

AUX Channel

Additional recording channel, e.g. for microphone

- 12 V DC power supply

- Switchable phantom power (24 V / 48 V) for microphones

Digital IO

Multipurpose IO for accessories (alarm devices, trigger devices,..)

Serial IO

External RS232 for external printer


External 9-18 V DC

(optional 9-36 V DC)