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MCHA Pile Test

Main features:
  • 3 simultaneous measurement tracks
  • High dynamic range (16 bit)
  • Low electronic noise (<0.020 mV)
  • Full accordance with main international standards
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MCHA Pile Test is used to execute nondestructive cross-hole type control measurements in foundations elements according to the ASTM D676O-O2 standard. With optional kits, this device can be also deployed for sonic and ultrasonic measurements according to UNI EN 12504-4, ASTM D2845-08 and ASTM C597-02 standards and for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing / Pulse Echo Test according to ASTM D5882-O7 standard.

MCHA Pile Test encompasses Central Data Acquisition Unit, laptop and various dedicated piezoelectric sensors and probes. The device allows performing simultaneous cross-hole measurements along three paths of foundation pile thus drastically reducing the acquisition time: during the same measurement, 3 well logs corresponding to all three paths are recorded.

Due to a high-power transmitter and high-sensitive active-type piezoelectric receivers (8O kHz), the MCHA-Device allows making measurements in foundation piles farther apart than 3 m.

The MCHA-Device can also be used for sonic and ultrasonic measurements on materials. The pulse transmission power for the transmitters (resonance frequency is 55 kHz or 2O kHz) and the highly sensitive active piezoelectric receivers allow undertaking measurements on sample materials, e.g. rock, concrete, wood, plastic materials, resins, etc. or directly on construction sites.

The MCHA-Equipment can be integrated with a HAMMER-Transducer, that is used when the energy of piezoelectric transmitters is not enough. The right use of this device is to deploy it on materials with high attenuation of acoustic waves and / or materials of significant size. An option kit MCHA-PIT with Pit Hammer and Accelerometer allows performing pile tests with Low Strain Integrity and Echo methods. The software PPS is included for data processing and report.

Converter type

A/D, 2 x 16 bit


driven by software; selectable gains 10x - 10240x

Acquisition frequency

1 KHz – 2 MHz

Acquisition buffer

standard 32000 samples; maximum acquisition duration 8 s


high-band 10 KHz (selectable by software)


internal / external (selectable by software)

I/O Box Unit and PC

Ethernet 10/100


waterproof, IP67


from 110 to 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz

Internal Battery

12 V, 7.2 A*h

Autonomous work

8 h

Total time of recharge

8 h