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GStreamer-P - multi-level 3C borehole seismic array with pneumatic anchoring system

Main features:
  • No limit on data sample rate
  • Pneumatic anchoring system
  • Simultaneous anchoring of all levels
  • For open hole or cased wells up to 1000 m deep
  • The anchoring is not weakened when the soil subsides under the anchor
4 tools / 1 m tool spacing / 100 m cable
4 tools / 1 m tool spacing / 100 m cable 8 tools / 1 m tool spacing / 100 m cable Custom design Cable length extension Compressor (15 bar)
Price: on request
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GStreamer-P was developed for VSP, downhole seismic logging, cross-hole seismic testing and tomography (CST) in open hole or cased wells up to 1000 m deep. The system can have 4 or 8 borehole 3C tools on a pneumoelectric cable line.

Acquisition unit locking is provided by an anchoring arm driven by a pneumatic cylinder and can be used in dry or water-filled wells. The clamping force is almost independent of hydrostatic pressure. At 7 Bar the system provides a force of 30 kg, which corresponds to a 1:11 ratio relative to the probe weight, that correlates to the parameters of “oil & gas” VSP tools.

Pneumatic anchoring has several advantages:

  • The tool cannot get stuck in the well - a simple release of pressure guarantees folding of the spring-loaded anchor
  • The clamping force does not decrease when the soil subsides under the anchor – the pressure in the pneumatic cylinder works like a powerful spring
  • The design of the probe is as reliable as possible - there is nothing that can break in it
  • Simple simultaneous pressure control with any compressor

GStreamer-P has doubled geophones for each component with a natural frequency of 12 or 20 Hz. Upon request, tools can be equipped with lower frequency sensors, but this will slightly increase their dimensions. Registration is provided by any seismograph.

The system can be equipped with a connector for reference land geophone to control source-seismograph synchronization and improve the accuracy of interval velocities calculation.

GStreamer-P with borehole source SHock of horizontally polarized shear wave (SH) is an advanced set of equipment for cross-hole seismic tomography survey in dry and water-filled wells with a distance up to 30 m between them. GeoSV source would be enough for cross-hole seismic testing in accordance with ASTM D4428 / D4428M. You can read about these techniques here. Borehole sources are operated by pulsed power supply Jack.

The system can be delivered on a reel with a slip ring or a BGW / BGW light winches.

Delivery set:
  • 4 or 8 tools multi-level 3C borehole array GStreamer-P
  • Portable battery powered air compressor pump (up to 7 bar)
In addition to GStreamer-P the following items can be purchased:
  • Reel for 12-channel GStreamer-P
  • Reel for 24-channel GStreamer-P
  • BGW or BGW light winch
  • Air compressor pump (up to 15 bar)
  • Energy source Jack with remote control JackPad
  • Borehole sources of pressure P (Pulse) or shear SH-waves (SHock) and SV-waves (GeoSV)
  • Borehole hydrophone array WellStreamer
  • High-frequency seismographs Sigma 4+ or DAQlink 4
  • Borehole inclinometer
We have also developed multi-level 3C system GStreamer with spring anchors and GStreamer-E with individually controlled electromechanical anchors.





Number of levels

4 or 8

1, 4, or 8


spring system

pneumatic cylinder

geared motor

Well casing type


any or open hole

Number of components


Geophones natural frequency

12 Hz or 20 Hz (on request)

12 Hz or 4.5 / 20 Hz (on request)

Tool locking

remote triggering



Clamping force

1:7 – 1:11

1:11 at 7 atm.


Maximum tool diameter

60 mm

58 mm

Well diameter range

70 - 150 mm

65 - 150 mm and more with anchor extenders

Maximum operating pressure

15 bar

>100 bar