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Setup for unmanned operations

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Fully or partially autonomous marine seismic acquisitions became on of the most popular direction in geophysical studies last years. Transition to unmanned vehicle operations is one of the key targets for many companies, involved in marine seismic acquisitons.

It is expected, that the use of AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and ASV (Autonomus Surface Vehicles) would result in significant decrease of operational costs, reduction of environmental footprint and HSE exposure.

Generally, UHR equipment is more compact comparing to large oil and gas surveys and may be installed on relatively small vehicles with less efforts. Various types of autonomous vessel combinations (surface and underwater) can be used for UHR 2D/3D surveys. It can be a single vessel, carrying full source-receiver spread or single vessel, hosting a source and a number of AUV’s, towing the streamers for 3D acquisition.

As far as each unmanned survey setup is literally unique GEODEVICE offers development of uncrewed acquisition setup, based on the clients requirements with the respect of available AUV/ASV construction.

Most of our equipment is suitable for uncrewed vessel setup with the possibility of remote hardware control (such as shooting) as well as seismic data quality control.