Equipment & Software for Geophysical Surveys: Design, Manufacture, Support, Supply

Geophysical surveys

GEODEVICE has extensive experience in geophysical surveys using seismic, geoelectrical and magnetic exploration methods on land, in the water and in boreholes within the scope of geotechnical investigation and geological exploration. We work at highly sensitive objects, including those for nuclear power industry.

We have experience in solving a wide range of tasks:
  • Studying of geological section
  • Studying geohazards, such as karst and suffosion areas, studying the landslide processes, contouring the permafrost zones and taliks, identification of fractured zones and weakened soils areas
  • Geophysical support of construction
  • Mining geophysics
  • Groundwater prospecting
  • Search for deposits of construction materials
  • Search for a passage for trenchless communications laying
  • Archaeological studies

Our professionals can also perform works on studying the structure of body of ballast and subgrade of railways and roads, determining resistivity of soils and the presence of stray currents, searching for communications, determining the location of damaged areas, examining concrete structures, determining the parameters of the reinforcing net, determining the direction and filtering rate of ground and interlayer water, etc.

Our keys to successful projects implementation are:

  • Detailed planning and design of field surveys with mathematical modeling to develop the optimal research methods.

  • High competencies in geophysical instrumentation, manufacturing facilities and, as a consequence, a high level of technological infrastructure and the capability to adapt the produced equipment for a specific problem solution.

  • Professional and experienced team members.

You can find some examples of our studies in the publications section, or send us a corresponding request in any way convenient for you.

Geophysical surveys