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Rod feeder for logging devices

Main features:
  • Provides smooth movement and fixation of the logging probe in vertical or inclined boreholes
  • Special rods for orientation of the inclinometer in the well
  • Support for quick and secure fixation in workings
  • Base for installation on a well
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • No electronic elements
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The rod feeder (rod pusher) is designed for smooth feeding of a logging probe (for example, SRP-20K, GStreamer, and others) into horizontal, inclined, and upward boreholes or its fixation in them. It can also be used for descending and orienting downhole inclinometers. The multipurpose rod feeding unit can be installed on a telescopic support or on an mounting base for fixing on the wellhead. The rod feeder provides a force of up to 200 kg allowing to perform logging in fairly deep upward boreholes.

The telescopic support can be up to 5 meters long and can be equipped with a tripod, which ensures its reliable fixation in fairly high mine workings. Two types of push rods are available - orientable for inclinometers or twistable for other devices. The rods are driven by a gear mechanism, which also ensures their reliable fixation in the borehole. The delivery set usually also includes a bracket for attaching the logging probe to the push rod.

It is convenient to use the rod feeder together with specialized logging reels.

List of available articles:
  • Rod feeder
  • Telescopic support on a tripod
  • Mounting base for fixing on the wellhead
  • Bracket for attaching the logging probe
  • Orientable rod
  • Non-orientable rod

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Rod diameter

20/22 mm

Maximum feed force

up to 200 kgf

Telescopic support length

up to 5 m

Rod feeder block dimensions

310 х 210 х 130

Rod feeder block weight

10 kg

Operating temperature range

-40 ÷ +60 °С

Relative humidity

up to 100%

3-speed gearbox



1 speed – drive-down х3

2 speed – direct drive

3 speed – drive-up х3