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Borehole winch BGW light

Main features:
  • Best option for hydrophone arrays, 3C probes, sparkers, and borehole electrotomography
  • Electric drive with remote control unit
  • Built-in high voltage or stranded slip ring
  • Integrated counterweight with optional winch roller
  • Option of manual winding and unwinding with a drive through a gear-motor
  • Convenient stopper on the handle
For sparker Pulse
For sparker Pulse For WellStreamer/GStreamer For electro-prospecting array For geophysical well logging
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BGW light is a lightweight and compact winch designed for geophysical well logging using various methods. It is equipped with high-capacity drum with a built-in electric drive and a slip ring. The gear motor is controlled by a connected remote control unit allowing to adjust the speed of the winch drum rotation. The winch can be powered by both external and built-in batteries. It is quick and easy to switch to the manual operations mode with a drive through a gear-motor, and there is a convenient stopper on the handle. The counterweight can be easily attached to the winch and can be optionally equipped with a manual winch roller.

BGW lightwill weigh several tens of kilograms. At greater depths, it is better to use a power cable with a large cross-section of the core in order to balance the energy loss due to the ohmic resistance - it is only possible to work with such a line using a BGW or BGW light winches. Winches of this type can be equipped with built-in high voltage or stranded slip rings to ensure the operation of borehole sparker Pulse or borehole hydrophone (WellStreamer) and geophone (GStreamer) arrays.

BGW light application areas:
  • Borehole seismic surveys using CST, VSP, VSaP, sonic logging, etc.
  • Borehole electrotomography
  • Geophysical well logging using non-seismic methods
Delivery set:
  • Winch BGW light
  • Counterweight
  • Winch control unit
  • Cable for external battery
  • Universal winch roller
  • Built-in batteries
  • Charger



Drum pitch diameter

460 mm

Drum outer diameter

710 mm

Drum width

300 mm

Drum capacity

270 m of ø16-mm cable (100% filling)


electric gear motor (main) and manual (standby)

Motor power

1500 W

Power mains

12 V


50 kg


760×420×775 mm (without counterweight)