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Electrical survey

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ERT2.5D&TDEM1D joint inversion (6.05.2015)
Full 2D joint inversion of resistivity imaging and refraction seismic data (6.04.2015)
Estimation of DOI in resistivity imaging (27.03.2015)
Resistivity inversion of long profiles in ZondRes2d (22.02.2015)
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Full wave form time domain and frequency domain induced polarization inversion (7.11.2013)
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Correction of serial numbers of sensors and lengths of electrical lines (13.06.2019)
New smart functions of ZondTEM1D (24.06.2019)
Spectra export (08.05.2019)
Different processors (15.02.2019)
Time series export (15.02.2019)
Manually coordinates setting (10.02.2019)
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using of AIE-2 BEM files in ZondTEM1d (4.10.2015)
MT-Corrector (magnetotelluric processing software) (2.07.2015)
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TDEM static shift correction of magnetotelluric data (5.06.2015)
Joint 2D inversion of audio magnetotelluric and TDEM data (16.04.2015)
ERT2.5D&TDEM1D joint inversion (8.04.2015)
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TDEM multi source sounding (3.10.2014)
Operating with areal TDEM data in ZondTEM1d (30.09.2014)
2D magnetotelluric inversion for large scale problem (15.05.2014)
Different ways of profile inversion of TDEM data (10.05.2014)
Comparision of AMT with controlled and natural source (8.05.2014)
Joint inversion of frequency domain deep sounding data with magnetic and electrical components (8.05.2014)
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2D Joint inversion of electrical resistivity tomography and radio magnetotellurics data (9.11.2013)
Joined inversion of TEM, VES and MT data in ZondTEM1d (16.07.2013)