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Magnetic prospecting

Video  Min Discussed method Program Date
Fast 2D transformation of gravity and magnetic fields 0:40 magnetic survey GM2D 29.08.2017
ZondGM3D software for 3D gravity and magnetic inversion 10:43 magnetic survey GM3D 29.06.2017
Remanent magnetization parameters in ZondGM2D 0:49 magnetic survey GM2D 9.05.2016
Video with new features 1:06 magnetic survey Maggps 5.06.2015
Raster map import, image scaling  and binding 0:58 magnetic survey Maggps 16.02.2015
The interpolation of magnetic data, upload data to ZondMag2D and ZondGM2D 2:10 magnetic survey Maggps 16.02.2015
linear spatial interpolation of data 1:11 magnetic survey Maggps 16.02.2015
The calculation of the normal geomagnetic field using IGRF model 0:49 magnetic survey Maggps 16.02.2015
Working with map of charts of the magnetic field 0:31 magnetic survey Maggps 13.12.2014
Reduce to pole in ZondGM2d 1:30 magnetic survey GM2D 19.09.2014
Complex interpretation of ERT and magnetic data 4:52 ERT + magnetic survey Res2D 28.03.2013