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Other methods

Video  Min Discussed method Program Date
Polygonal modeling in Zond software products 7:31 modelling GM2D 10.05.2016
Joint inversion of seismic and gravity data  1:32 seismic refraction method +  gravity prospection GM2D 5.11.2015
Using of boreholes data in zondres2d 1:02 borehole data accounting Res2D 22.02.2015
Modeling&Inversion for test model (research problem) 1:53 modelling Res2D 24.01.2015
Fast transformation of potential fields to section 1:49 gravity prospection GM2D 11.11.2014
Inversion for arbitrary layered model in ZondRes2D 1:55 inversion Res2D 24.10.2014
ZondRes2D. Last update features. 3:42 modelling Res2D 13.10.2014
Packet processing of data files in ZondRes2d 1:50 packet processing  Res2D 19.05.2014
ERT inversion with GPR background 2:58 ERT + GPR Res2D 20.03.2014
2d resistivity inversion with apriori constraint 2:48 a priori data accounting Res2D 17.03.2014
Resistivity imaging for monitoring of storage conditions 2:16 monitoring Res2D 25.06.2013