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Other methods

Polygonal modeling in Zond software products (10.05.2016)
Joint inversion of seismic and gravity data  (5.11.2015)
Using of boreholes data in zondres2d (22.02.2015)
Modeling&Inversion for test model (research problem) (24.01.2015)
Fast transformation of potential fields to section (11.11.2014)
Inversion for arbitrary layered model in ZondRes2D (24.10.2014)
ZondRes2D. Last update features. (13.10.2014)
Packet processing of data files in ZondRes2d (19.05.2014)
ERT inversion with GPR background (20.03.2014)
2d resistivity inversion with apriori constraint (17.03.2014)
Resistivity imaging for monitoring of storage conditions (25.06.2013)