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Borehole scintillation radiometer SRP-20

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Main features:
  • Fast detection of gamma anomalies
  • High sensitivity of measurements
  • Portability and ease of use
  • Arrow and sound indication
  • Integration time adjustment

Borehole scintillation radiometer SRP-20 is the most advanced version of previously popular radiometers SRP-97K and SRP-68-02/03 and their analogue in terms of functional use and application domain. SRP-20, alike previous versions, is a scintillation radiometer and is designed to search for radioactive ores using gamma radiation logging. Due to the presence of Bluetooth and USB interfaces, data can be transferred to a PC in real time. It is also possible to increase the time integration window in order to obtain stable data on anomalies that are close to background values.

Package contents:
  • Borehole Detection Unit
  • Measuring console
  • Battery (built-in)
  • Charger
  • Headphones Koss Porta Pro
  • Control source (Co-60) in a container
  • Rugged Case
  • Reel with a slip ring
  • Well logging rod feeder system with rods (optionally)

Borehole scintillation radiometer SRP-20 can be supplied with a well logging rod feeder device and rods that provide supplying of detection unit into horizontal, inclined and vertical wells.

Measurement range of exposure dose rate of gamma radiation, mcR/h 0 ÷ 3 000
Fundamental error of measurement of exposure dose rate of gamma radiation of 226Ra radionuclide no more than ±15% (not standardized in the measurement subrange 30 mcR/h)
Measurement range of the average count rate of recorded gamma, s-1 0 ÷ 10 000
Fundamental error of measurement of average count rate of recorded gamma no more than ±10%
Energy range of detecting gamma, keV 35 ÷ 3 000
Variation limit of averaging window, s 1 ÷ 20
Setting time of operating mode no more than 1 min
Power supply voltage, V 12.5 ± 2
Average power, W 0.9
Life time of power supply no less than 25 h
Operating temperature range -10...+50 ˚С
- detection unit, mm 36 × 1010
- measuring console with power supply, mm 200 × 90 × 145
Interfaces USB, Bluetooth
- detection unit, kg 2.5
- measuring console with power supply, kg 2.6