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ZondRes3D — 3D electrotomography for resistivity and IP

... a modern high-performance instruments, and on the other hand to apply effective algorithms of modeling and inversion. For interpretation of electrical tomography data two- and three- dimensional models is used . It significantly extends the range of electric prospecting solved problems due to sections investigating that are considerably different from «classic» horizontal-layered. Resolution and thus interpretation quality of electrical tomography is closely connected with the number and density of measurements ...

Electrical tomography set MEDUSA-SKAT+switchbox CommDD2

... measurement array. The switchbox allows the use of any signal accumulation protocol available for linear or areal measurements in electrical resistivity tomography. Zond Software is a ready solution can be applied at all stages of geophysical studies from ... ... visualization features allow to solve wide range of geological problems with maximum effectiveness. Area of application: Geophysical prospecting Hydrogeological studies Geotechnical studies Environmental studies Archaeology Delivery set: Standard set (without ...

ZondIP1D — 1D VES and VES IP sounding data interpretation

ZondIP1D program is designed for one-dimensional resistivity and induced polarization vertical electrosounding data interpretation (with taking account frequency). A method of the vertical electrosounding (VES) is one of the oldest methods of electric prospecting. The first applications of method were in 20th years of XX century. Comparative simplicity and evidence of VES resulted in its wide distribution and development in the whole world. Nowadays vertical electric sounding remains one of the most ...
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