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CommDD2 Switchbox

Multi-purpose switchbox CommDD2 for electrical survey allows to commutate the receiving and transmitting lines without any limitations. There are 2 possible ways to switch electrodes on the lines — manually or automatically (with a predefined protocol of measurements)....

Electrical tomography set MEDUSA-SCAT+switchbox CommDD2

Designed for resistivity and IP methods, including profiling, sounding and tomography: On land On water areas and transition zones (TZ) And in boreholes The set includes MEDUSA receiver, SCAT II transmitter and switchbox CommDD2 for receiving and transmitting lines switching. Transmitter and receiver can perform measurements in wide frequency range. MEDUSA distinctive feature is the ability to measure the amperage. medusa-scat_commdd


Video  Min Discussed method Date Creating data sequence in ZondProtocol for CommDD2 switchbox 1:02 ERT 17.10.2016 MERI-24 data import to ZondProtocol 0:44 ERT 17.10.2016
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Geoelectrical multifunction receiver MEDUSA

... to measure values of the electric potential and current for slowly varying signals, as well as to measure the amplitude and phase characteristics of the harmonic components of the periodic signal. It can also be used with external switching device (switchbox) for tomographic surveys. Application area — geophysical exploration using: Direct current methods Induced polarization Frequency sounding Stray currents Self potentials There are 2 variants of delivery sets — standard and advanced. The ...

Electrical survey

... Joint inversion of ERT and seismic tomography manual 3:15 ERT Res2D 03.03.2018 ZondRes3D video tutorial 10:42 ERT Res3D 19.06.2017 MERI-24 data import to ZondProtocol 0:44 ERT ZondProtocol 17.10.2016 Creating data sequence in ZondProtocol for CommDD2 switchbox 1:02 ERT ZondProtocol 17.10.2016 ZondRes3d review 9:16 ERT Res3D 7.10.2016 Quick ERT data denoising 2:54 ERT Res2D 14.09.2016 Combined inversion of ERT and self-potential data for enviromental 1:17 ERT +SP Res2D 18.11.2015 OhmMapper | BIKS ...
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