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Seismic prospecting

Video  Min Discussed method Program Date
Joint inversion of MASW and seismic refraction data 2:48 MASW + seismic processing ZondST2D 21.06.2019
High resolution cross-hole 2D seismic tomography 2:10 seismic processing ZondST2D 24.03.2019
HVSR data inversion 0:49 Nakamura method ST2D 08.11.2017
Application for Nakamura method 1:18 Nakamura method ST2D 14.12.2016
ZondST3d overview 11:44 seismic refraction ST3D 5.11.2016
Cross gradient joint inversion of seismic refraction data Vp and Vs in ZondST2D 1:21 seismic refraction method ST2D 17.07.2016
Welcome to the brand new RadExPro 2016.2 main window! 4:01 seismic processing RadExPro 5.07.2016
Amplitudes inversion in ZondST2D 2:05 inversion ST2D 29.06.2016
Joint inversion of MASW and refraction seismic data 2:00 MASW + seismic refraction method ST2D 29.04.2016
ZondST2D seismic software. Overview 2016 13:22 seismic processing ST2D 6.04.2016
Joint inversion of seismic and gravity data  1:32 seismic refraction method +  gravity prospection GM2D 5.10.2015
Full 2D joint inversion of resistivity imaging and refraction seismic data 2:34 ERT + seismic refraction method Res2D 27.03.2015
Inversion of first break amplitudes in ZondST2D 3:05 inversion ST2D 6.11.2014
Seismic data before and after ShaprSeis processing 1:49 seismic processing RadExPro 13.10.2014
ZondST2D overview of features. Part II. 7:14 forward modeling ST2D 11.10.2014
New features of ZondST2d picker 2:15   ST2D 10.10.2014
Forward modeling in ZondST2d 3:22 forward modeling ST2D 22.06.2014
Joint interpretation ERT and refraction seismic data 4:01 ERT + seismic refraction method Res2D / ST2D 29.05.2014
New features of Zond 2d softwares 2:25   ST2D 25.05.2014
New features of ZondST2D for MASW and ReMi 6:40 MASW ST2D 28.10.2013
MASW (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Wave) in the RadExPro seismic software 5:38 MASW RadExPro 3.05.2012
Marine seismic processing: suppression of multiples on high-resolution single-channel marine seismic data without disturbing primary reflections using RadExPro software 1:57 seismic processing RadExPro 12.05.2011
Refraction seismic processing in RadExPro software: automatic inversion of first breaks. 5:20 seismic refraction method RadExPro 15.02.2011
Reflection seismic processing in the RadExPro software 6:46 reflection seismic processing RadExPro 15.02.2010