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Cable systems for electrical surveys



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Main features:
  • Any number of electrodes (24, 32, 48…)
  • Any geometry
  • Waterproof
  • Longitudinal sealing
  • Cable sheath reinforced with Kevlar

Multi-purpose waterproof multi-electrode cable systems are designed for the electrical resistivity tomography surveys. Waterproofness of the cable systems allows to use them not only for land surveys in all-weather conditions but also for surveys on water areas, “waterland” transition zones and boreholes' investigations.

The cable cover is made of high-quality polyurethane with high resistance to abrasion, frost resistance and flexibility. Copper tubes with diameter of 15 mm are used as electrodes in the cable system. It is very convenient to attach to such electrodes a connector “cable system–external electrode”  with “alligator” or RPT-21 clips. There is  no need to use external electrodes when surveying on water areas and boreholes, because the surface area of electrodes in cable systems has low contact resistance in such conditions.

Different amount of electrodes can be designed at the cable system on demand (24 / 32 / 48), as well as different electrode spacing and passive ending of required length. A standard high-quality connector manufactured by Amphenol can be installed at one or both ends of the cable system. Connectors for cable systems are compatible with the CommDD2 switch hardware and all-in-one resistivity systems.

Additionally titanium electrode-pins in bag-quivers with connectors “cable system–external electrode” can be supplied. Use of titanium alloy electrodes improves the electrical resistivity survey performance in remote areas, along with works on frozen or rocky ground.

Resistivity of a core 247.5 Ohm/km
Conductor copper 7x0.12 mm
Cable outer diameter 9.1 mm
Connector bayonet Amphenol
Weight 10 kg (cable with 24 el., 1m spacing)