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Ground penetrating radar OKO-3

... are recorded in non-volatile memory and automatically set when turned on Android version of Geoscan32 software for controlling GPR tablet and smartphone Tasks that can be successfully solved with OKO-3: Characterization of geological section Search and ... ... layer thickness of seasonal freezing or thawing, delineation of the areas of permafrost, taliks, etc. Search for UXO and sunken equipment Antenna units: Name of antenna Operating frequency, MHz Depth of investigation, m Resolution, m Type AB-90 90 16 0....

Technical support

... identified them. Due to the time limit assigned for field works, there are situations, when our company or our partners can send a spare set of equipment to the customer, when the initial set is under repair. Additional equipment can be supplied (f.e. equipping GPR with the motion sensor) or some components can be replaced (such as connecting cables worn down with use), if necessary. Our staff members will help you select necessary items and deliver to you as soon as possible. Due to periodic modifications of ...
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