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Seismograph TELSS-VSP for borehole surveying

TELSS-VSP telemetry borehole seismic acquisition system is designed for VSP, polarization VSP, uphole and crosshole surveying. The mobility of the system allows the use of it in boreholes as deep as 100 meters (and even more). The presence of 3-component sensor and anchoring arm allows to register full wavefield, including primary, secondary and other waves. telssvsp

Seismograph SGD-SEL

SGD-SEL is a portable linear multichannel seismic station designed to carry out engineering geophysical surveys with methods of seismic reflection profiling, common depth point, microseismogram logging, vertical seismic profiling, crosshole seismic testing, MASW, seismic microzonation and to study upper part of the section. Shockproof construct, built-in control unit with a contrast display and tightly sealed special keyboard increase the reliability level and convenience of work with seismic station...

Seismograph TELSS-3

TELSS-3 is a lightweight telemetry seismic station that deploys four-channel digital modules connected in series by cable sections thus forming the receiver line, which can accumulate up to 200 active channels. One cable section comes with 4 connectors for coupling the geophones. Each telemetry module "serves" 2 nearest geophones in the line "to the right" and 2 — "to the left". The receiver line is connected to the interface module, which in turn connects to a laptop...

Seismograph ELLISS-3

ELLISS-3 is a lightweight mobile system designed to carry out near-surface seismic refraction / reflection profiling, microseismogram logging, vertical seismic profiling, crosshole seismic testing, MASW and seismic microzonation. The station can be used to perform engineering and geophysical surveys in the water area using continuous seismoacoustic profiling (СSP), high-resolution (HR) or super-ultra-high-resolution / super-high-resolution (SUHR / SHR) seismic surveys. The number of channels in station...

Seismograph TELSS-402/403

Telss-402/403 are telemetric two- or three- component seismic recording systems that deploy compact digital data acquisition modules, each of which combines GS-20DX geophones, 32-bit ADCs and the relevant electronics in one casing. Telemetry modules are connected to standard cable sections that are in-series coupled to each other. Up to two receiving lines with a total number of active channels of 200 could be connected to an interface module that in turn connects to a laptop or an operator’s tablet...

Wireless synchronization system (WSS-1)

Wireless synchronization system (WSS-1) is designed to work with modern seismographs. WSS-1 externally launches the seismograph at the same time as seismic vibrations source discharged. The launch moment of the source is transmitted via 868 Hz radio channel (this frequency does not require permission of The General Radio ...
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